Monday, October 7, 2013

James Helder Interviews Mark Prince

James Helder of IFilmProductions interviews Mark Prince about his inspiration to begin a legacy in the name of his son Kiyan. The Kiyan Prince Foundation mission, as stated by the foundation:

Our mission is to inspire young people to turn their back on the problem and become part of the solution. We aim to:

- Raise awareness so young people can understand the true and devastating effects their knife culture is having on their future and the communities
- To give alternatives/opportunities to young people caught up in gang and knife culture
- Create and provide more positive opportunities for young people by connecting with a vast range of organisations
- Educate, Train, Empower and raise Awareness with young people in all areas applying to knife and gang crime
- Run boxing and fitness programmes creating outlets for aggression build discipline and positive use of time
- To provide Motivational and Inspirational talks on surviving the tragic effects of knife crime
- To create a KPF Youth committee to have a voice about what solutions are needed. Helping to empower them in their communities.
- Running Fundraising events to raise money for long term goals and programmes
- To deliver courses, training and workshops to schools and other establishments for young people; educating them about the dangers
- Take them on residentials away from their environment to experience activities that encourage team building self knowledge social skills

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